6th SLC Newsletter Released

June 6, 2015

6th student-generated newsletter ERC-RMB is released.

"Welcome to the 2014-2015 issue of the student-generated ERC-RMB newsletter. Our center continued to expand the level of scientific research being conducted on our campuses while simultaneously creating a positive impact on our communities. The Student Leadership Council (SLC) is pleased to report our past year’s exceptional progress we have made including research activities, educational and outreach efforts, and student accomplishments..."

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Latest News

Voice of America: Scientists Develop Biodegradable Parts to Fix Fractures

June 02, 2015

University of Pittsburgh Bioengineering Professor and ERC-RMB thrust leader Prashant Kumta presented progress in biodegradable implants developed by 3D printing technology in Science& Technology news article "Scientists Develop Biodegradable Parts to Fix Fractures" published in "Voice of America":