Dr. Ram Mohan
Ram  Mohan
Associate Professor

Computational Science and Engineering
North Carolina A&T State University
1601 E. Market Street
Greensboro, NC 27411

Telephone: (336) 334-7437 x 2290
Fax: (336) 256-1247

B.Engg, University of Madras, India, 1985;
M.S.M.E., Mechanical Engineering, West Virginia University, August 1987;
M.S, Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, University of Illinois, October 1990;
Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, University of Minnesota, December 1997.

Computational multi-physics, multi-scale, multi-material physical modeling and simulations in engineering and physical applications; Composites and Nano Materials – Processing, Mechanics, Manufacturing and Material Science; Transport phenomena, Flow and thermal behavior during composite material processing and in fibrous porous media, Physics based process modeling simulations and process optimizations, experimentavvl investigations, sensors and control for intelligent composite material processing. Processing, property influences in composites. Material processing, concurrent engineering process and product design. High-Performance and scalable computing. Scientific computing; Finite element based numerical methodologies and their development. Engineering education.