Boyce E. Collins               Research Scientist CAMSS, ERC
North Carolina A&T State University  Greensboro, NC 27411
Phone: (336) 256-1151 x2016
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill     Chemistry                   BS with Honors, 1992   University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill     Inorganic Chemistry                     PhD, 1998   University of California, San Diego             Bio-Applications of Porous Si         1999-2001
2007-2010            Scientific Consultant       BEC Consulting                   San Diego, CA          2005-2007            Process Engineer            Maxwell Technologies          San Diego, CA          2004-2005            Research Scientist          LRAD Corporation               San Diego, CA          2003-2004            Scientific Consultant       BEC Consulting                   San Diego, CA         2001-2003            Staff Scientist                Molecular Reflections           San Diego, CA
La Jolla Interfaces in Science Post-Doctoral Fellow, 1999-2001                                       Graduate Assistance in Areas of National Need Fellow, 1996                                                 Teaching Assistant of the Year Award, 1994                                                                     Charles N. Reilly Fellow, 1993
American Chemical Society
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