The FIT BEST emphasizes advanced research and education in the application of engineering principles, methods, and technologies to problems in health care. The FIT BEST students, scientists and faculty conduct research in a variety of medical and life science areas such as biosystems, implantable medical devices, microfluidics, bioreactors, tissue engineering, biomaterials, biomechanics, and biosensors.


Our vision is to innovate engineering technologies and develop medical devices that enable advances in physiology, regenerative tissues/organs, and improved diagnostics that will inspire clinical successes.


Our goal is to improve human health utilizing tools and understanding developed from the interdisciplinary concert of biology, physics, and chemistry.

FIT BEST Research Lab

Fundamental Science and Engineering:

Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Electrical, Computational, and Mechanical Engineering


Innovative Engineering Technologies:

Medical Devices, Microfluidics, Diagnostic Devices, Biomaterials, Batteries


Human Health Improvement:

Device-Physiology Interplay, Drug Screening, Regenerative Tissue/Organ Design and Monitoring Clinical Success Targeted at all Stages