2015-2016 Research Highlights

  • Publications that result from Center-supported Projects (total=56):

- In peer-reviewed technical journals: 33
- In peer-reviewed conference proceedings: 22
- In trade journals/books/book chapters: 1
With multiple authors (total = 53): 
 - co-authored with ERC students: 44
 - co-authored with industry: 5
 - with authors from multiple engineering disciplines: 19
 - with authors from both engineering and non-engineering fields: 27
 - with authors from multiple institutions: 22

  • Publications that result from Associated Projects in the Strategic Plan (total=17):

- In peer-reviewed technical journals/book chapters: 15
- Books and in Book Chapters: 2
- In peer-reviewed conference proceedings: 0


  • ERC members attended/led 49 scientific conferences/workshops, and gave 55 seminars/colloquia/invited talks

ERC Technology Transfer

A.    Inventions disclosed: 4

  1. Lipid-derived nano vesicles for ion channel knock-down in selective immune cells (Date of inception: 9/1/2015), Reported by: Yeoheung Yun
  2. Invention: Lipid-derived nano vesicles for ion channel knock-down in selective immune cells Paper-Based Magnesium Battery and the Use Thereof (Date of inception: 8/1/2015), Reported by: Yeoheung Yun
  3. A novel processing technology to fabricate magnesium alloys with excellent combination of strength and corrosion resistance (Date of inception: 12/1/2015), Reported by: Zhigang Xu
  4. V. Shanov, R. Noda, N. Alvarez, "Method and Apparatus for Making of Self-Cleaning Fluid Filter", U.S. Provisional Patent Application 62/233,558, based on Invention Disclosure UC 116-023, 09/28/15. (Date of inception: 9/28/2015), Reported by: Vesselin Shanov

B.    Patent applications filed: 5

  1. Systems and Methods for Selective Coating Removal for Resorbable Metal Medical Devices, U.S. Provisional Patent Application Serial No. 62/290,555 (Date of inception: 1/27/2016), Reported by: Elia Beniash
  2. Apparatus and Method for Regeneration of Ligaments and Tendons (Date of inception: 9/6/2015), Reported by: Savio Woo, S.N. 14/772,670 (USA) Application no. 2014800125679 (China) Application no. 14760855.8 (Europe)
  3. V. Shanov, N. Alvare, R. Noda, C. Jayasinghe, R. Malik, Method for Making of Carbon-Based, Self-Cleaning Fluid Filter and Components for Filter, U.S. Provisional Patent Application 62/237,752, filed October 6, 2015, (Date of inception: 10/6/2015), Reported by: Vesselin Shanov
  4. V. Shanov, R. Noda, N. Alvarez, Method and Apparatus for Making of Self-Cleaning Fluid Filter, U.S. Provisional Patent Application 62/233,558, 09/28/15. (Date of inception: 9/28/2015), Reported by: Vesselin Shanov
  5. Antioxidant compound and their use, Application No.: 62/206,748 (Date of inception: 8/18/2015), Reported by: Xinyan Cui

C.    Patents awarded: 0

  • Involvement of state and federal government agencies in the growth of the ERC remains a top priority. Dr. John Hardin, Executive Director of the North Carolina Science and Technology Advisory Board, remains as liaison to the state’s agencies for fiscal support opportunities and as a link that will foster the economic development capacity of the ERC.
  • During this reporting period, various members of the IAB and CSAB worked closely with the ERC technical team on multiple occasions on various aspects, from materials development to prototype devices for translational opportunities. These were done through routine Friday 4:00 pm webinars, teleconferences, and personal visits and through electronic communications.
  • ERC Members continue to participate effectively in global biodegradable standardization committee AC 87
  • Comprehensive testing protocols for the biodegradable Mg metals are being collaboratively developed with IAB members, ASTM, ISO members with characterization and assessment details.
  • Additional members joined CSAB and IAB to streamline the operations and opportunities for the center
  • Industrial Membership agreement procedure initiated during Year 06 is showing strong evidence for success.
  • ERC-RMB projects focused on the science and research innovation from materials development to characterization, with increased emphasis on translation potiential.
  • Center scientists continued to progress on innovative non-biomedical technologies that are being developed or discovered while they investigated fundamental scientific issues in areas such as alloy development, coatings technology, corrosion control, sensor development and miniaturization, and so forth. Potential solutions to key problems discovered in these basic research efforts are also being evaluated in medical device-directed testbeds.
  • The ERC team continued to gain experience and deepen its knowledge base, leading to the development of various Mg-based alloys especially with different processing routes and conditions.
  • ERC-RMB co-sponsors and continue to participate in the various impactful conferences and gatherings, establishing itself as a strong team at the global level 
  • Sponsorship and active involvement in Seventh International Biodegradable Metals Conference August 2015, Brindisi, Italy

Trans-ERC Activities

  • Continuation during the reporting period of trans-ERC discussions on innovation, entrepreneurship, IP, and legal issues for the benefit of the ERC audience
  • Teleconferencing and webinar organization for research discussions on a routine basis among all partner sites, including participation by industrial partners 
  • Teleconferencing at trans-ERC level on regular basis (since Fall 2010) with dozens of students/faculty participating