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Authors: Hong, Y.; Ye, S. H.; Pelinescu, A. L.; Wagner, W. R. 
Title: Synthesis, characterization, and paclitaxel release from a biodegradable, elastomeric, poly(ester urethane)urea bearing phosphorylcholine groups for reduced thrombogenicity 
Type: Journal Article 
Publisher: Biomacromolecules 
Year: 2012 
Volume: 13 
Issue: 11 
Start Page: 3686 
End Page: 3694 
DOI: 10.1021/bm301158j 
Abstract: Biodegradable polymers with high elasticity, low thrombogenicity, and drug loading capacity continue to be pursued for vascular engineering applications, including vascular grafts and stents. A biodegradable elastomeric polyurethane was designed as a candidate material for use as a drug-eluting stent coating, such that it was nonthrombogenic and could provide antiproliferative drug release to inhibit smooth muscle cell proliferation. A phosphorylcholine containing poly(ester urethane) urea (PEUU-PC) was synthesized by grafting aminated phosphorylcholine onto backbone carboxyl groups of a polyurethane (PEUU-COOH) synthesized from a soft segment blend of polycaprolactone and dimethylolpropionic acid, a hard segment of diisocyanatobutane and a putrescine chain extender. Poly(ester urethane) urea (PEUU) from a soft segment of polycaprolactone alone was employed as a control material. All of the synthesized polyurethanes showed high distensibility (>600%) and tensile strengths in the 20-35 MPa range. PEUU-PC experienced greater degradation than PEUU or PEUU-COOH in either a saline or lipase enzyme solution. PEUU-PC also exhibited markedly inhibited ovine blood platelet deposition compared with PEUU-COOH and PEUU. Paclitaxel loaded in all of the polymers during solvent casting continued to release for 5 d after a burst release in a 10% ethanol/PBS solution, which was utilized to increase the solubility of the releasate. Rat smooth muscle cell proliferation was significantly inhibited in 1 wk cell culture when releasate from the paclitaxel-loaded films was present. Based on these results, the synthesized PEUU-PC has promising functionality for use as a nonthrombogenic, drug eluting coating on metallic vascular stents and grafts.