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Authors: Peng, Q.; Guo, J.; Fu, H.; Cai, X.; Wang, Y.; Liu, B.; Xu, Z. 
Title: Degradation behavior of Mg-based biomaterials containing different long-period stacking ordered phases 
Type: Journal Article 
Publisher: Scientific Reports 
Year: 2014 
Start Page: 3620 
End Page:  
DOI: 10.1038/srep03620 
Abstract: Long-period stacking ordered (LPSO) phases play an essential role in the development of magnesium alloys because they have a direct effect on mechanical and corrosion properties of the alloys. The LPSO structures are mostly divided to 18R and 14H. However, to date there are no consistent opinions about their degradation properties although both of them can improve mechanical properties. Herein we have successfully obtained two LPSO phases separately in the same Mg-Dy-Zn system and comparatively investigated the effect of different LPSO phases on degradation behavior in 0.9 wt.% NaCl solution. Our results demonstrate that a fine metastable 14H-LPSO phase in grain interior is more effective to improve corrosion resistance due to the presence of a homogeneous oxidation film and rapid film remediation ability. The outstanding corrosion resistant Mg-Dy-Zn based alloys with a metastable 14H-LPSO phase, coupled with low toxicity of alloying elements, are highly desirable in the design of novel Mg-based biomaterials, opening up a new avenue in the area of bio-Mg. 
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