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Authors: Kadakia, Karan Sandeep; Jampani, Prashanth; Velikokhatnyi, Oleg I.; Datta, Moni Kanchan; Chung, Sung Jae; Poston, James A.; Manivannan, Ayyakkannu; Kumta, Prashant N. 
Title: Nanostructured (Ir,Sn)O2:F  Oxygen Evolution Reaction Anode Electro-Catalyst Powders for PEM Based Water Electrolysis 
Type: Journal Article 
Publisher: Journal of The Electrochemical Society 
Year: 2014 
Volume: 161 
Start Page: F868 
End Page: F875 
DOI: 10.1149/2.0381409jes 
Abstract: Nanostructured powder catalysts comprising solid solutions of F doped SnO2 and IrO2 of different compositions were synthesized by a simple two step approach. High surface area SnO2:F was prepared initially using CTAB as a surfactant. (Ir,Sn)O2:F was then synthesized by forming a solid state solution with IrCl4 and SnO2:F followed by heat-treatment in air at 400C. The catalyst was then coated onto a porous Ti foil and has been studied as a promising anode electro-catalyst for oxygen evolution reaction (OER) in PEM based water electrolysis. The optimal composition of (Ir0.3Sn0.7)O2:10 wt% F displayed electrochemical activity comparable to the commercially available pure IrO2 demonstrating <70 mol% reduction in noble metal content. The electrochemical stability tests also showed that (Ir,Sn)O2:F solid solution exhibits much better durability compared to commercial IrO2, the standard (OER) catalyst.