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Authors: Niven, John F.; Johnson, Michel B.; Juckes, Stefan M.; White, Mary Anne; Alvarez, Noe T.; Shanov, Vesselin 
Title: Influence of annealing on thermal and electrical properties of carbon nanotube yarns 
Type: Journal Article 
Publisher: Carbon 
Year: 2016 
Volume: 99 
Start Page: 485 
End Page: 490 
DOI: 10.1016/j.carbon.2015.12.014 
Abstract: The physical properties of dry-spun MWCNT yarns with diameters from 35 to 60ıım were systematically determined as a function of annealing up to 2700ııC. Raman spectroscopy showed a <5 fold increase in relative CNT crystallinity after annealing. Electrical conductivity and magnetoresistance (in fields up to 9ıT) were measured from 2ıK to 390ıK. Thermal conductivity from 50ıK to 300ıK was determined using the parallel thermal conductance method. The electrical and thermal conductivities of the yarns both increased by over 100% after annealing to 2700ııC. The influence of adsorbed species on the electrical properties of the yarns was also studied.