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Authors: Hopkins, T. M.; Little, K. J.; Vennemeyer, J. J.; Triozzi, J. L.; Turgeon, M. K.; Heilman, A. M.; Minteer, D.; Marra, K.; Hom, D. B.; Pixley, S. K. 
Title: Short and long gap peripheral nerve repair with magnesium metal filaments 
Type: Journal Article 
Publisher: J Biomed Mater Res A 
Year: 2017 
Volume: 105 
Issue: 11 
Start Page: 3148 
End Page: 3158 
DOI: 10.1002/jbm.a.36176 
Abstract: A current clinical challenge is to replace autografts for repair of injury gaps in peripheral nerves, which can occur due to trauma or surgical interruption. Biodegradable metallic magnesium filaments, placed inside hollow nerve conduits, could support nerve repair by providing contact guidance support for axonal regeneration. This was tested by repairing sciatic nerves of adult rats with single magnesium filaments placed inside poly(caprolactone) nerve conduits. Controls were empty conduits, conduits containing titanium filaments and/or isografts from donor rats. With a nerve gap of 6 mm and 6 weeks post-repair, magnesium filaments had partially resorbed. Regenerating cells had attached to the filaments and axons were observed in distal stumps in all animals. Axon parameters were improved with magnesium compared to conduits alone or conduits with single titanium filaments. With a longer gap of 15 mm and 16 weeks post-repair, functional parameters were improved with isografts, but not with magnesium filaments or empty conduits. Magnesium filaments were completely resorbed and no evidence of scarring was seen. While axon outgrowth was not improved with the longer gap, histological measures of the tissues were improved with magnesium compared to empty conduits. Therefore, the use of magnesium filaments is promising because they are biocompatible and improve aspects of nerve regeneration. (c) 2017 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. J Biomed Mater Res Part A: 105A: 3148-3158, 2017. 
Keywords: Animals, Axons/physiology, Biocompatible Materials/*therapeutic use, Female, Guided Tissue Regeneration/*methods, Magnesium/*therapeutic use, *Nerve Regeneration, Polyesters/therapeutic use, Rats, Inbred Lew, Sciatic Nerve/*injuries/*physiology/surgery, biocompatibility, biodegradable metal, magnesium metal, peripheral nerve repair, sciatic nerve 
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