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Authors: Lu, Zhang; Derek, DeArmond; T., Alvarez Noe; Rachit, Malik; Nicholas, Oslin; Colin, McConnell; Kwasi, Adusei Paa; YuYun, Hsieh; Vesselin, Shanov 
Title: Flexible MicroSupercapacitor Based on Graphene with 3D Structure 
Type: Journal Article 
Publisher: Small 
Year: 2017 
Volume: 13 
Issue: 10 
Start Page: 1603114 
End Page:  
DOI: 10.1002/smll.201603114 
Abstract: Flexible microsupercapacitors (MSCs) are constructed by 3D graphene from chemical vapor deposition. Without using any binder or metal current collector, the asprepared 3D graphene MSC exhibits good flexibility, excellent cyclic life, and high areal capacitance of 1.5 mF cm2 at a scan rate of 10 V s1. The electrochemical performance is further improved by oxygen plasma functionalization.