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Authors: Kwok, A. T.; Moore, J. E.; Rosas, S.; Kerr, B. A.; Andrews, R. N.; Nguyen, C. M.; Lee, J.; Furdui, C. M.; Collins, B. E.; Munley, M. T.; Willey, J. S. 
Title: Knee and Hip Joint Cartilage Damage from Combined Spaceflight Hazards of Low-Dose Radiation Less than 1 Gy and Prolonged Hindlimb Unloading 
Type: Journal Article 
Publisher: Radiat Res  
Year: 2019 
Volume: 191 
Start Page: 497-506 
End Page:  
DOI: 10.1667/RR15216.1 
Abstract: Reduced weight bearing, and to a lesser extent radiation, during spaceflight have been shown as potential hazards to astronaut joint health. These hazards combined effect to the knee and hip joints are not well defined, particularly with low-dose exposure to radiation. In this study, we examined the individual and combined effects of varying low-dose radiation (
Keywords: Animals 
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