NCAT-ERC sponsored symposium at E-MRS 2012 Fall Meeting

Dr. Dhananjay Kumar, a professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, served as a chief organizer of a symposium on "Novel Materials in biomedical applications" during the E-MRS 2012 Fall Meeting. The fall meeting was held from September 17-21, 2012, in Warsaw, Poland. There were 13 parallel scientific symposia organized during the 2012 Fall Meeting. The goal of the symposium organized by Dr. Kumar was to bring together researchers from all across the world who work at the interface of materials science, biology, and biomedical engineering with a focus on biomedical devices under extreme physical, chemical, as well as physiological conditions in human and or other living bodies. The symposium was focused on the integration of advanced experimental, computational, and theoretical methods, utilized to assess structure-process-property relations and to monitor and predict mechanisms associated with failure of biomedical devices and structures composed of them. The symposium was a big success at it attracted participants from over 20 different countries who presented 30 oral presentations, 20 poster presentations, and over 10 invited talks that included presentations by the NCAT-ERC director, Dr. Jag Sankar, and Deputy Director, Dr. William Wagner. The co-organizers of this symposium were Dr. Frank Witte and Dr. Thomas Thundat from Hannover Medical School, Germany, and University of Alberta, respectively, Canada, respectively. The symposium was partially sponsored by the NCAT-ERC for Revolutionizing Metallic biomaterials.