Advisory/Oversight Committees: CSAB, IAB, SLC, Deans Council and UAPB

The Clinical Scientific Advisory Board (CSAB) monitors the conduct, progress, outcomes and impact of the Center with respect to its vision and objectives.

The Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) works to facilitate the translation of the ERC’s engineered system prototypes to commercially viable products and services and promote entrepreneurship. 

The Student Leadership Council (SLC) advises the ERC in facilitating educational outreach programs. BS, MS, PhD representatives from NCAT/Pitt/UC/MHH work across campuses with the management team to achieve ERC goals.

A Council of Deans (Deans of Engineering - NCAT, Pitt, UC; Dean of Dental Medicine –Pitt; Dean of Medicine-UC; and Dean of Business and Economics - NCAT)meets once a year and hold at least one teleconference during the year to discuss the ERC’s progress.

Any unresolved policy issues are addressed by a University Academic Policy Board (UAPB): 
ERC Leadership Team, Council of Deans, and NCAT’s VC for Research and Economic Development, Provost and Chancellor.