Center Goals

The overall goal of the ERC-RMB is to achieve the following outcomes and impacts during the ERC’s lifetime.

  • achieve excellence in the proposed areas of research through a true interdisciplinary approach within and with leading partner nano/bioengineering research institutions
  • establish a new generation of revolutionary biological metallic interface materials by integrating enabling sciences and technologies (converging technologies)
  • develop creative, adaptive and innovative engineers
  • improve graduation rates (undergraduate through doctoral) in nano/bioengineering areas, especially among women, socially and economically disadvantaged, and African-American students
  • train the 21st century STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) workforce (pre-college and college) and provide students with technical education relevant to 21st-century careers in advanced processing, bioengineering and materials – a workforce that can compete with any worker in the world
  • train STEM teachers at all levels to enable the workforce hurt by the current state of the economy to create new opportunities for themselves in cutting-edge-technologies
  • facilitate economic and healthcare development in the U.S. through an innovation ecosystem to broaden the scope of technologies to treat disease, and to strengthen the global position the US health care system
  • generate revolutionary technologies through translational research via sharing of resources and ERC-generated knowledge base to create a pathway to both extend and improve the quality of life; and
  • foster a culture of innovation in bioengineering research and education and providing for entrepreneurship and economic development that will help the USA succeed in a global economy by directly engaging small innovative firms, industries and practitioners and technology transfer officers.