Engineered System III. Responsive Biosensors and Neural Applications

This engineered system investigates physical and chemical limitations of metallic and metallic alloy implants. Specifically, it is developing technologies that can control the inherent high corrosion rates of novel biomaterials and reduce or eliminate harmful corrosion byproducts that may cause tissue necrosis, pain and delayed healing time. Because neurons are electrogenic cells that form complex biological entities capable of effecting recognition, neural applications and the effects of metallic biomaterials on neural processes are also studied.


Current Projects:

New Materials Development

  • Ultra High Purity Magnesium based materials for Implant Applications

Materials Processing, Characterization and Modeling

  • Corrosion Science and Technology for Biodegradable Metals
  • Smart Biodegradable Metal Implants

Biocompatibility Testing

  • Sensor Development & Miniaturization
  • CNT Based Biosensors for Bone Biomarkers
  • In vivo Biocompatibility & Toxicity Assessment of Mg Alloys & Coatings
  • In vivo Assessment of Magnesium Alloys

Medical Systems R&D - Device / Application

  • Nerve Repair Device