ERC-RMB facilities at North Carolina A&T State University

NCAT - Headquarters: The Center is headquartered at NCAT in the Fort Interdisciplinary Research Center (IRC). The 10 current labs and facilities are interconnected and span 3 of the 4 floors of this building, providing a seamless state of-the-art materials research infrastructure valued at over $12 M and described at and The IRC supports a highly advanced cyber-infrastructure. Materials Processing and Sample Preparation, Electron Microscopy, Bio-Polymeric Smart Materials, Surface Characterization and Microscopy, XRD, Physical Property Measurement, Advanced Biomaterials Processing Facility, Nanotomography Facility, Metallic Biomaterials Compatibility and Culture Facility,  and Mechanical Testing Laboratories. The facilities are developed, leveraging and strategically sharing resources, ensuring maximum output. The interconnectedness and the open-door state of-the-art research facility creates a hub for interdisciplinary knowledge sharing. Further, the NCAT has a fully functional supportive facility for on-line educational activities. We further improved the bioengineering research facility -  the 3,500 sq. ft lab of  Metallic Biomaterials Compatibility and Culture Facility for the various bio related activities and the 600 sq.ft Advanced Biomaterials Processing Facility in the IRC where NSF-ERC-RMB is located facilitating seamless research.These facilities are further enhanced by the additional space that the university has provided as part of the NCAT Bioengineering degree programs in Hines Hall.

Major equipment:

Materials Processing and Sample Preparation Laboratory

Electron Microscopy Laboratory

Bio-Polymeric Smart Materials Laboratory

Surface Characterization and Microscopy

X-ray Diffractometry Facility

Physical Property Measurement Laboratory

Advanced Biomaterials Processing Facility

Nanotomography Facility

Metallic Biomaterials Compatibility and Culture Facility

  • Hitachi S-3000N SEM microscope
  • Inverted fluorescent microscopes
  • Plate Reader
  • Incubators, laminar-floor hoods, centrifuges, pumps, evaporators, autoclaves, microscopes

Mechanical Testing Laboratory