CETR UMT-2 Micro Tribometer

Type:Mechanical Testing
Laboratory:Surface Characterization and Microscopy Laboratory
Location:IRC 123
Contact Person:D. Pai, (336) 285-3229
S. Yarmolenko, (336) 285-3225

The UMT is a fully automated and computerized precision tribology tester with proprietary software control in a user friendly Windows environment It can measure all of the following parameters: Vertical and lateral stiction, Friction force and coefficient, Normal load, Acoustic emission, Electrical resistance, and Torque.

Speed range from 0.001 to 5,000 RPM. Upper specimens up to tens of mm. Lower specimens up to 150 mm. Measure forces from mg to kg. Vertical motion resolution 1 um. Lateral Motion resolution 2 um, travel 75 mm, speeds from 0.01 to 10 mm/s. Temperature heating chambers up to 150C.

Technical Support:

Terms of use: General safety rules apply. Initial training required.