Education Plan

The education and outreach activities are dedicated to the goal of developing a vibrant, diverse workforce well-prepared for the multidisciplinary and global challenges and opportunities offered by bioengineering - projected to have the largest increase in jobs over the next decade and attracting the highest rate of participation by women and other minorities. This goal will be accomplished through carefully planned programs for pre-college education, curricular education of undergraduate and graduate students including the development of a bioengineering program at NCAT (the first ever at an HBCU), and professional education and outreach at all levels. The programs are designed to promote the growth of a technically-competent new millennial workforce armed with the global and entrepreneurial mind set essential to advance into leadership positions in industry, government and academia.

A strategic plan for education and outreach was developed and implemented with the Center’s research strategic plan. With this as foundation, our scientists and educators have continued to work effectively to implement cutting-edge research, education and economic activities on a global level among partner institutions for the future.