Engineered System II. Cardiovascular and Thoracic Devices

This engineered system evaluates a variety of biodegradable metals and metal coatings that exhibit suitable corrosion rates in blood as well as the required initial mechanical strength and elasticity as the material degrades. These soft tissue substitutes must address the potential for metallic structures to abrade nearby soft tissue structures resulting in infection or catastrophic bleeding as well as hyperplastic fibrosis that often accompanies a permanent foreign body implant. The use of biodegradable metals, combined with appropriate surface modification and controlled release strategies will seek to alleviate some of these concerns. By utilizing existing and novel alloys created within the ERC combined with new processing and coating technologies, this ES is seeking to revolutionize the approach to a number of cardiothoracic disease processes where only temporary structural support may be indicated for the most favorable patient outcome.


Current Projects:

Materials Processing, Characterization and Modeling

  • Non-thrombogenic & Corrosion Impeding Coatings on Mg Alloys
  • Biodegradable Elastomeric Coatings with Controlled Drug Release for Biodegradable Metallic Materials
  • Understanding Controlled Release of Multi-layer Coatings Using Direct-Write Inkjet Method for Cardiovascular and Tracheal Devices
  • Smart Controlled Release Coatings for Magnesium Implants and Sensors

Medical Systems R&D - Device / Application

  • Evaluation of Magnesium Based Alloys for Airway Stenting
  • Biodegradable Metallic Stent for the Arteriovenous Fistula