Hitachi S-3000N SEM microscope

Type:Electron microscopy
Laboratory:Electron Microscopy Laboratory
Location:IRC 106
Contact Person:Dr. Zhigang Xu (

Hitachi S-3000N is a PC-controlled Variable Pressure SEM with the ability to switch between the high vacuum and variable Pressure modes. The instrument uses a true Windows NT OS with an intuitive GUI. A high-density frame memory of 1280 x 960 pixels and a built-in advanced image capture and archiving system make data management easy. The versatile Hitachi four quadrant solid state back-scattered electron detector (BSED) allows imaging in the compositional, 3D and topographic modes by manipulating from each segment of the detector. The S-3000N also comes standard with the patented Hitachi dual-bias system that allows easy acquisition of high-resolution images down to 300 Volts.

Terms of use: Use only under supervision
Hourly Rate ($): $30.00 for outside institutions