HORIBA Scientific LabRAM ARAMIS Micro Raman System

Manufacturer:HORIBA Scientific
Laboratory:Surface Characterization and Microscopy Laboratory
Location:123 IRC
Contact Person:Sergey Yarmolenko

The HORIBA LabRAM ARAMIS is fully automated analytical micro Raman system. Intelligent Automation provides easy computer controlled operation for quality control, analytical and research applications alike. It maintains the market leading flexibility and performance of the LabRAM series to provide the most comprehensive analytical tool available. The acquisition of this equipment has been supported by NSF (Award 0619192)


  • True confocal Raman microscope 
  • Full system automation (grating and laser selection) 
  • Fast multi-wavelength operation 
  • High stability construction 
  • Up to 3 integrated lasers (optional extended versions) 
  • Patented 4-notch filter selector 
  • Up to four gratings on QUAD motorized turret 
  • Class (I) microscope security compartment 
  • Unique Line Scanning mode for fast Raman mapping 
  • Macro chamber with 90 or 180 degree laser excitation 
  • SameSpot Technology for combined Raman/FTIR