Horiba Scientific XGT-7200 X-ray Analytical Microscope

Manufacturer:Horiba Scientific
Type:Chemical analysis
Laboratory:X-ray Diffraction Facility
Location:IRC 142
Contact Person:S. Yarmolenko

The XGT-7200 represents a completely new generation of XRF microscope, and leads the way to a new era of science. It offers a seamless merger between optical observation and elemental analysis functions, revolutionizing the world of micro-analysis and establishing micro-XRF as a routine tool for the research and analytical scientist.

Unique hardware features ensure the system offers versatility and flexibility for every measurement. A choice of two software controlled x-ray guide tubes with diameters ranging from a unique 10 µm through to 1.2 mm allow conditions to be optimised for a range of measurements, including both micro and macro. Similarly, with the unique Dual Vacuum Modes it is possible to switch within seconds between a high sensitivity full vacuum mode and a versatile localised vacuum mode. The latter maintains samples at atmospheric pressure whilst retaining sensitivity to all elements from sodium to uranium.

In any configuration the intelligent combination of optical cameras ensure that the precise analysis position can be quickly and simply located.



Elements: Na to U
X-ray tube: Rh target  / Tube voltage 50kV  / Tube current 1mA 
Fluorescent X-ray detector: Peltier cooled Silicon Drift Detector (SDD)
Transmitted X-ray detector: Nai(Tl) scintilltor
X-ray guide tube: Mono capillary  10μm / 100μm with no filter
Optical image: Full sample optical image and coaxial magnification image
Sample stage size: XY : 100mm×100mm
Sample chamber: Vacuum chamber model/ Max 300mm×300mm×80mm in vacuum
Signal processing: Digital pulse processor ( INCA unit )
Qualitative analysis: Auto identification /  KLM marker /  Peak search / Compare spectrum 
Quantitative analysis: Non standard FPM / Standard FPM / Standard file matching FPM /Calibration curve /   Multi layer FPM (Thickness gage) /Multi point analysis (Max5000) /  Multi point result send to Excel / XGT-5000 spectrum view
Mapping function: Transmitted X-ray image / Elemental image / Spectrum mapping /  Rectangle mapping / Generate spectrum / RGB composition / Scale maker / Line analysis
Other function: Possible to start the XGT-5200 software simultaneously.

Terms of use: Training is required
Hourly Rate ($): $30.00 for outside institutions