PVA TePla America, Inc. M4L Plasma Cleaning System

Manufacturer:PVA TePla America, Inc.
Laboratory:Materials Processing and Sample Preparation Laboratory
Location:122 IRC
Contact Person:S. Yarmolenko (336) 285-3225

The M4L™ is  full featured plasma surface modification system designed for laboratory and production use.

The M4L is ideal for:

  • Plasma surface modification
  • Plasma cleaning of organic surfaces
  • Bond strength enhancement
  • Plasma etch applications
  • Plasma asher applications
  • Increased or decreased wettability
  • Any other plasma system application

The entire bench top system fits in one cabinet, except for the vacuum pump. Never before has a professional plasma etch system been this loaded with features and priced this affordably!


  • Controller: Windows® O/S based touch screen interface offering fully automatic control.
  • Multi-step recipes, real time graphic display, multi-level password access, data logging, and real time SPC monitoring of all plasma parameters is provided.
  • Chamber: 9" X 13" X 20" Aluminum, with high-conductance KF 40 port and isolation valve. Optional throttle valve available.
  • Electrode options include 3-shelf, 5-shelf, and cage electrodes.
  • RF Generator: 300 or 600 watt 13.56 MHz air cooled with automatic impedance matching network.
  • Display: Color 10.4 inch touch screen for control and monitoring of process parameters, automatic recipes, or manual plasma treatments.
  • Two user specified gases, with 500 sccm MFCs standard, Optional 3rd gas channel available.
  • Power Requirements: 120- 240 volts, 1ø, 50/60 Hz 30 amps maximum, changeable in the field.
  • CE Certified

Technical Support:
800-527-5667 M-F 8am - 5pm Pacific Time.