Neocera Pulsed Laser Deposition System

Laboratory:Materials Processing and Sample Preparation Laboratory
Location:IRC 125
Contact Person:D. Kumar, (336) 285-3227

Our PLD facility consist of following components: Kr F excimer laser: A mixture of Kr, Ne and F (less than 1%) is used for generating KrF laser. The gas mixture is supplied in pre-mixed form by the company. Due to this hazardous effect of F in case of gas leak is reduced significantly. But as a precautionary measure, we have mounted a gas leak detector in the Gas cabinet which cannot only give the warning alarm but can shut the valves automatically. Deposition chamber: We have two pulsed laser deposition chambers. In both chambers we mount our target and substrates of interest. We mostly work with non-corrosive oxide and nitride materials. During our experiment, we bleed small amount of oxygen, nitrogen or argon gas, which are known to be non-toxic gases. Optical table: The laser beam emanating from laser source is passed through focusing lenses and reflecting mirrors in order for beam to impinge on target surfaces. The lenses and mirrors are enclosed in plexy glass chamber so that the laser beam does not come in contact with human body.

Terms of use: Special training by Dr.Kumar is required.