5th ERC-RMB Student Association newsletter is released

May 30, 2014

Welcome to the fifth student-generated newsletter of the Engineering Research Cen-ter for Revolutionizing Metallic Biomaterials (ERC-RMB). Our Gen 3 ERC’s mission is to transform current medical and surgical treat-ments by creating "smart" implants to im-prove treatments for orthopedic, craniofa-cial, and cardiovascular ailments coupled with the development of a vibrant, diverse workforce well-prepared for the multidiscipli-nary and global challenges and opportunities of the new millennium.

Over the years of the ERC-RMB’s existence, it has been incredibly satisfying for me per-sonally to observe the growth in maturity and communications skills of our Student Leadership Council membership as they rally behind the Center philosophy "One Team, One Dream" and report on the Center’s out-standing accomplishments on multiple fronts. My colleagues and I are truly excited about the intellectual growth and leadership of these ERC-RMB students—our next-generation innovators and thinkers.


Download 5th ERC-RMB Student Association Newsletter (5.5 Mb)