Dr. Mark J. Schulz
Mark J. Schulz
Professor, PhD, PE

Department of Mechanical Engineering
University of Cincinnati
598 Rhodes Hall,
Cincinnati, OH 45221-0072

Telephone: (513) 556-4132
Fax: (513) 556-3390

State University of NY at Buffalo PhD 1993 Mechanical Engineering
State University of NY at Buffalo M.S 1984 Mechanical Engineering
Buffalo State College B.T 1982 Mechanical Engineering Tech.

Dr. Schulz's research interests include structural control, integrating mechanical design and control, structural optimization, model correction, structural health monitoring, and nonlinear control. He has developed various Eigenstructure Assignment techniques for Mechanical Systems. These techniques are used to suppress vibration with active control, correct analytical structural models, and to optimize structural design. He also has industrial experience performing mechanical design, vibration, and stress analyses on many defense projects. This experience includes the analysis and design of composite radomes and reflectors, servo stabilization simulations for gimbaled antennas, vehicle response to nuclear weapon effects, and jitter analyses of space-based laser mirrors.