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Authors: Prodanov, M. F.; Pogorelova, N. V.; Kryshtal, A. P.; Klymchenko, A. S.; Mely, Y.; Semynozhenko, V. P.; Krivoshey, A. I.; Reznikov, Y. A.; Yarmolenko, S. N.; Goodby, J. W.; Vashchenko, V. V. 
Title: Thermodynamically Stable Dispersions of Quantum Dots in a Nematic Liquid Crystal 
Type: Journal Article 
Publisher: Langmuir 
Year: 2013 
Volume: 29 
Issue: 30 
Start Page: 9301 
End Page: 9309 
DOI: 10.1021/La401475b 
Abstract: Using transmittance electron microscopy, fluorescence and polarizing optical microscopy, optical spectroscopy, and fluorescent correlation spectroscopy, it was shown that CdSe/ZnS quantum dots coated with a specifically designed surfactant were readily dispersed in nematic liquid crystal (LC) to form stable colloids. The mixture of an alkyl phosphonate and a dendritic surfactant, where the constituent molecules contain promesogenic units, enabled the formation of thermodynamically stable colloids that were stable for at least 1 year. Stable colloids are formed due to minimization of the distortion of the LC ordering around the quantum dots. 
Keywords: fluorescence correlation spectroscopy, gold nanoparticles, chemical-composition, cdse, composites, behavior, photoluminescence, nanocomposites, alignment, nanorods 
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