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Authors: McCullough, Matthew B. A. 
Title: Magnesium Modeling Using SolidWorks 
Type: Journal Article 
Year: 2015 
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DOI: 10.18314/jbo.v1i2.41 
Abstract: Increased cost and complexity associated with orthopaedic surgeries has led to advancements in degradable materials.  Degradable metals like magnesium have shown great promise as magnesium based alloys provide the strength of metals but the degradability of polymers.  As the development of degradable magnesium alloys expands there is a significant need for simplified computational models that can account for the numerous mechanical changes associated with degradation.  The current study examined initial in silico models of Magnesium samples to gain insight on how degradation impacts mechanical performance over time.  Models of magnesium rods were created and analyzed using the finite element analysis functionality in a commercially available software package.  SolidWorks is widely known for its design capabilities and generation of 3D solid models; however its analyses capabilities would be useful for such a smart material, like magnesium.   Therefore, this work explores the analysis capabilities of SolidWorks, for degradable magnesium in a skeletal environment.